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Committee Chair: Juan DeAngulo


Mayor: Gustavo Petro
Location:   Northern South America  
Geography:   Located near the geographic center of Colombia, Bogotá sits 8661 feet above sea level on a high plateau in the Andes mountains. The extended region is also known as "Altiplano Cundiboyacense" or "high plateau of Cundinamarca and Boyacá".  
History:   Bogotá was the center of the Muiscas civilization before Spanish explorers colonized the area, beginning with the first settlement in 1538 named "Santa Fé de Bacatá". Bacatá, which became the modern Bogotá, became one of the centers of Spanish colonization in South America.
Industry:   Tourism, food processing, textiles, chemicals  
Did You Know? Bogotá, known as the “Athens of South America” for its scholarly tradition and sheer number of schools, colleges, universities and libraries, shares Chicago’s dedication to public education initiatives.  
Flag Description:  Three horizontal bands consisting of yellow (top, double-width),
blue, and red.



April 3

Focus: Culture

The Bogota Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International partnered with the Instituto Cervantes of Chicago and MAS Studio to present the groundbreaking architecture exhibition, COLOMBIA: TRANSFORMED / ARCHITECTURE = POLITICS.

This exhibit traces ten recently built social projects by five leading voices in contemporary Colombian architecture: Daniel Bonilla and Giancarlo Mazzanti from Bogota, and Felipe Mesa, Juan Manuel Pelaez, and Felipe Uribe from Medellín. These visionary and socially conscious works: daycare centers, kindergartens, schools, a sport complex, and a library – mostly winners of architectural competitions, which have become the norm for building public projects in Colombia – reflect significant social shifts that are taking place in Latin America today. They demonstrate ideas of social inclusion as well as innovative architectural forms and spaces, which have been steadily transforming Colombian cities and the nation.

A lecture was also presented by David Escobar, the Planning Department Commissioner of the City of Medellin, Colombia and Fernando Villa, co-curator of the exhibit, with a wine reception to follow.

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