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Chicago’s Sister City Since 1987

Committee Chair: Agneta Rosenberg


Mayor: Anneli Hulthén
Country:   Sweden  
Country Location:   Northern Europe, between Finland and Norway 
Geography: Located on the southwestern coast of Sweden and the country’s largest seaport.  
History:  The Gothenburg region is an old and exciting cultural area. The many ruins in the area prove that people were already living here 8,000 years ago. Gothenburg, which was granted its charter in 1621, was intended to act as Sweden´s gateway to the west. Its position was strategic. The area around the mouth of "Göta Älv", the river, had been an important trading center since the 12th century. The city was built according to Dutch patterns, with streets and man made canals in a strictly-designed system and a large square, the current Gustaf Adolfs Torg, next to the Large Canal.
Industry:   The Port of Gothenburg is the largest port in the Nordic region and the large volume of Swedish exports and imports that pass through the port make Gothenburg the logistical center of Scandinavia. Gothenburg also has a long and successful industrial and commercial tradition. A number of Scandinavia’s most famous corporations, including Volvo, SAAB Aerospace, SKF, Hasselblad, AstraZeneca and Ericsson are located in Gothenburg.
Did you know? The City of Göteborg International Environment Prize is awarded annually and the city hosts the annual International Science Festival, with themes such as “music,” “time,” and “life and medicine,” to bring science to the public.
Flag Description: The cross is taken from Denmark’s flag. The yellow and blue colors are taken from the national arms.  



A group of students from the Svartedalskolan School (Gothenburg) were hosted by Volta school in Chicago. The program is facilitated the Gothenburg Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International and is part on an ongoing school exchange program. The visiting group performed at the various locations of the city, engaged in educational programs and various cultural attractions.


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