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Committee Chair: Patrick Shannon
Committee Co-Chair: Yoko Noge-Dean

ABOUT OSAKA – Fast Facts

Mayor: Toru Hashimoto
Country:   Japan 

Country Location:   East Asia
Geography:   Situated along the western coast of Japan 
Industry:   Information and Telecommunications, Robot Technology, Medicine and Welfare, Biotechnology and Nanotechnology, Environmental initiatives
Flag Description:  Red circle representing the rising sun.
Did You Know:  The following were all started in Osaka: In 1964, Sharp developed and introduced the world's first all-transistor-diode electronic desktop calculator CS-10A.  In 1958 Momofuku Ando invented a new fry and dry process and in 1971 created the "Cup Noodle" now enjoyed by people all over the world.  In 1958, Yoshiaki Shiraishi opened the first kaiten zushi (conveyor belt sushi restaurant) in Osaka.  Currently, this type of restaurant holds an annual market of 240 billion yen in Japan.
More About Osaka: Osaka Prefecture, located at the approximate center of Japan, is divided into 33 cities, 10 towns, and 1 village.   Covering an area of approximately 1,890 square kilometers, or only 0.5% of the nation’s entire land area, Osaka is the second smallest prefecture. However, it has a population of 8.8 million, or 7% of the entire population, making it the second most populous prefecture after Tokyo. Furthermore, approximately 210,000 foreigners, or 15.6% of all foreigners registered in Japan reside in Osaka.  
Geographically Osaka extends from north to south, with a slight curve, open toward Osaka Bay on the west and surrounded by mountains on the other three sides. The weather is generally mild, with four distinct seasons.


March 12-31

Focus: Humanitarian
絆 Kizuna: The Bonds of Emotion
Japan Earthquake Photo Exhibition

March 11, 2012 marked the one year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. The months after this disaster brought to the forefront incredible stories of resilience and generosity as Japan began recovery efforts. The Nikkei, the leading Japanese business newspaper, chronicled the devastation and recovery efforts through an extensive collection of photographs that they shared with our city.

The Osaka Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International and Japan America Society of Chicago exhibited forty-six photos, at two downtown galleries; March 12-16 at the State of Illinois Thompson Center and March 21-31 at The Chicago Photography Collective Gallery at Block 37 (first floor).


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