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Chicago’s Sister City Since 1991

Co-Chairs: Lynn Osmond [ Bio ], Linda Loving
Mayor: Rob Ford
Country:   Canada  
Country Location:   North America
Country Population:  Over 32 million  
City Population:  Over 5 million  
Geography: Canada’s largest city, situated on Lake Ontario
History:  Toronto is an Indian-derived name meaning “place of meeting.” Indians passed Toronto on their way to Lake Huron. In 1773, the British emerged and called the area York.  
Industry:  Aerospace, apparel, automotive, biomedical and biotechnology, business and professional services, financial services, food and beverage, information technology and telecommunications, media, and tourism.  
Did You Know? Toronto is one of the most diverse cities in the world—a city where 100 languages are spoken every day—with an immigrant population of 1,125,000 or one in every four immigrants living in Canada.
Flag Description: White represents the snowy north of Canada, red symbolizes the Canadian blood shed during World War I, and the maple leaf has long been the national symbol. Well before the coming of the first European settlers, Canada’s native peoples had discovered the food properties of maple sap, which they gathered every spring.  


Focus: Cultural
The Toronto Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International, in collaboration with Toronto composer Omar Daniel and the Chicago-based Access Contemporary Music (ACM), present Composer Alive. Mr. Daniel will compose a new piece in four installments and email them to Chicago as they are written. Each installment will be recorded in an open rehearsal session and then posted to ACM’s website with comments from the composer and from the performers. The project’s aim is to demystify the compositional process and give an audience access to the composer’s thought process from first draft, through rewrites, to the finished product.

While in Toronto, ACM will record the final installment under the composer’s supervision and will present performances of music by Chicago composers and Mr. Daniel will travel to Chicago for the World Premiere performance of his new piece at the Chicago Cultural Center where music from other living Toronto-based composers will be featured.


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