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Chicago’s Sister City Since 1960

Committee Chair: Thaddeus Makarewicz


Mayor: Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz  
Country:   Poland 
Country Location: Central Europe
Geography: East-Central Poland
Industry: Transport, Electronics, High Technology and Food Processing
History: Warsaw was the capital of the Polish - Lithuanian Commonwealth until 1795, when it was incorporated in to the Kingdom of Prussia, becoming the capital of the province South Prussia. Liberated in 1806 by Napoleon, Warsaw then went on to become the center of Congress Poland. After Poland gained independence in 1918, Warsaw became the country's capital.
Flag Description: The flag is comprised of two horizontal bands of equivalent width, with yellow at the top, and red at the bottom of the flag.
Programs: Roads, health care facilities, sanitation.
Did You Know? Warsaw hosts an annual Chopiniana festival, celebrating the life and work of Frederic Chopin, whose music is so beloved that it is regularly reinterpreted in Polish jazz clubs.


April 20

The Warsaw Committee of Chicago Sister Cities International welcomed Polish police officers to Chicago in an exciting exchange - part of bilateral cooperation between Chicago Police Department, Office of Emergency Management and Communications and Warsaw Metropolitan Police. Lieutenant Mikolaj Linda, Police Officer, Warsaw Metropolitan Police, stayed in Chicago for three weeks in part of a three part best practices exchange with City of Warsaw, City of Chicago, Warsaw Metropolitan Police, Chicago Police Department, Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications, Polish American Police Association, Chicago Sister Cities International and Illinois National Guard.  A welcome reception was hosted by the Warsaw Committee at the Union League Club of Chicago.


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