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Possible exchanges to do in your school:
1. E-mail pal exchanges
2. Pen pal exchanges
3. Postcard exchanges (this way schools on both sides can see images of their sister city)
4. Create a school photo album to exchange with your sister school
5. Develop an arts-based lesson plan for exchange (e.g. students draw pictures of their school, city, families, themselves, etc., to send abroad
6. Research specific aspects of their sister city’s culture and give a report
7. Create a website about your school to share with your sister school
8. Contact a consulate or embassy representative from your sister city country to invite them to visit your school and to meet your students
9. Create a cookbook to exchange with your sister school
10. Work with other schools paired with your sister school to exchange information and ideas
11. Visit museums, with the aim of finding out more information about your sister school
12. Create a bulletin board in your school about your sister city

CPS Social Science Curriculum:
3rd grade Social Science ClassesChicago: Our City
Students will explore the city of Chicago, past and present.  The lessons will touch on Chicago geography, politics, economics and cultures and conclude by comparing Chicago to other cities around the world.  On the Chicago Sister Cities website there is information on each sister city that can be used when comparing Chicago to other cities around the world.

5th Grade Social Science CurriculumThe Americas
Students will explore North and South America, past and present.  Students will study the geography and history of the Americas as well as the economic, political and cultural development of these continents.  Teachers will also elaborate on Chicago’s connections to the regions through our sister city relationships.

6th Grade Social Science CurriculumCultures of the World
Students will have their first in-depth investigation into the major non-American cultures around the world.  There will be a heavy emphasis on the geography and history of the peoples studied; but there will also be room to explore these cultures today.  These lessons allow the opportunity to include information about the appropriate Sister Cities when looking at North Africa, South and Southeast Asia, Eastern and Western Europe.

See the CPS Social Science 2.0 website for more details.


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