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Featured School:

The Francis W. Parker School of Chicago and Tuskegee International Schools- Ghana have been partnered since 1991.  Students from kindergarten through 8th grade correspond with each other and learn about their different cultures through drawings, letters, and projects. Students are encouraged to share information about their country, school, and family that widen understanding and relationships between the two. 

Francis W. Parker teacher, Bev Greenberg went to Ghana this year with two projects from her school.  These projects were a Pencil/ Marker Bag Project and Magnifying Glasses.  Students from Parker decorated one side of the bag and the students from Tuskegee decorated the other side. These bags were filled with school supplies. Students had the bags to begin their school year.

1st and 5th grade students of Parker created hand-held magnifying glasses made from film canisters for the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. After receiving them in Ghana, Tuskegee students were able to observe insects, moss, skin, hair, etc. These magnifying glasses are an example of projects Parker students worked on that supported Science curriculum for Tuskegee students.

The president of Caring Kid Connections (CKC) also paid a visit to Tuskegee with her daughter, who graduated from Parker School. They spent a week engaging with students and seeing the results of their financial support for the building.

The following programs represent successful global education initiatives:

Youth for Understanding is a non-profit educational organization offering opportunities for youth around the world to spend a summer, semester or year with a host family in another culture.  Schurz High School participated in this program by hosting two students from Germany, one from Estonia and one from Georgia.

LaSalle Language Academy is the only elementary school in Chicago that sends 8th graders to Europe every year.  LaSalle students visit France and Spain and also welcome students from France and Spain to Chicago every year.  Parents provide the funding for the trip and reciprocate homestays here in Chicago with families from LaSalle Language Academy.

In partnership with the Silk Road Project, National Geographic and IBM’s Genographic Project, the National Geographic’s Genographic Project offered students from SSA the opportunity to explore their personal migratory routes out of Africa, over 60,000 years ago, as part of Silk Road Chicago’s year long initiative.  Student representatives and teachers from five participating schools discussed the results of this project based on studying DNA and human migratory paths.  1,000 public participation kits were generously donated for the participating high school students. As a result, 150 students at each of five public high schools in Chicago had the opportunity to learn about how their ancient ancestors populated the planet, using DNA as a history study tool. 

Contact DanyaChazan@cityofchicago.org to share YOUR school's exchange or for an extended list of projects.


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