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Connect with a School
Schools in the SSA network are connected through a database of participating schools.  Some opportunities include receiving visiting delegations and community partnerships in developing exchanges with schools in Chicago and abroad.  The CSCI volunteer network is available to help identify schools and facilitate communication between them.

Participating schools should be located in or around one of our 28 sister cities and should have the support of their principal, or chief administrator, and a teacher that will lead the schools participation in projects.

Chicago schools and schools abroad should fill out a profile* to be included in the SSA database and get started with the school matching process. Enrolled schools will also receive updates, news, and events. Partner schools can develop a number of projects, possibly utilizing the unique characteristics of each city, ranging from architecture and city landscape to global diversity and innovation.

* Profiles create a database for schools in the SSA network. Contact and school information will be shared and matched based on the profiles. Please provide as much detail as possible to ensure the best match. Schools already matched should also complete a profile in order to receive updates, news, and events.

Sister School Relationship
Once communication between matched schools is established, the teachers participating in the SSA network may take their relationship in any direction.  Exchanges can be physical exchanges, which involve students or faculty traveling to each other's cities, or project-based exchanges via video-conferencing, e-mail or other form that does not involve physical travel. Projects can incorporate world languages, math, science, arts and culture, or social sciences. There is no limit to the program design.

Suggested Timeline

  • Prior to each school year, schools should submit a profile to confirm or re-affirm their commitment to remaining in the SSA network.
  • Start of the school year: projects should be identified so that each school has a clear outline and goal for the exchange.
  • Mid-school year: schools should check-in with the CSCI Education Manager to make sure that matches are working and communication is underway.
  • End of school year: contacts should be able to fill out a survey outlining the successful exchanges that have taken place throughout the school year.

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